SYLLABUS Theoretical Knowledge

The Endoscopy & Gastrointestinal Functional Diagnostics (EndoGI-FD) syllabus comprehensively describes "Theoretical Knowledge" and "Practical & Clinical Skills" (= basis for an individual "Log-book") mandatory for the qualification as F.E.B.S./EndoGI-FD.

The syllabus is at that time is not a complete curriculum that gives a structured educational plan but provides a crude orientation and a framework around which preparation for the qualification as F.E.B.S./EndoGI-FD can be structured.

The syllabus should not be viewed as static but will be continuously revised and updated by the members of the committee. It is noted, that research and changes in medicine may lead to significant changes in theory and clinical practice and by that will influence the content of the syllabus. New topics will be introduced and obsolete topics may be deleted. The candidates are expected to update their level according to the recent surgical practice and scientific literature.

To achieve the qualification as F.E.B.S./EndoGI-FD "Theoretical Knowledge" have to be documented and provided for Eligibility and are assessed by Examination.

"Clinical & Practical Skills" have to be documented and proved in the log-book for Eligibility and may be additionally assessed by examination. For pragmatical reasons the individual log-books are scrutinised in the Eligibility process taking into consideration the various national requirements and local situations.