Certification of Training Hospitals by the EBS

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Example of the European Board of Urology

The EBU Certification of Residency Training Programmes in Urology

The European Board of Urology Residency Training Programme (RTPU) has been established by the EBU Urological Training Programme Committee (UTPC). The interest for EBU Certification is growing among training centres in Europe .

Why did it start?

In 1958 the Treaty of Rome made it possible for every physician to practice in any of the countries of the European Union using the medical qualifications of their home country. National specialist organizations were soon to group as the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS), a sub-committee of the EU in which sections in each speciality were established of which Urology was one. Members of this section quickly came to realise that optimum urological services to the public of Europe must be ensured and in turn, that this goal ultimately depended upon the QUALITY OF TRAINING IN UROLOGY. A foundation within the UEMS was thus established called the European Board of Urology whose founder members shared a conviction that quality improvement was an objective held in common by all European urologists and that teaching institutions had a natural responsibility to improve training standards to the highest possible level at all times.

How can this be achieved?

Firstly, by accepting the general principles and objectives regarding urological training adopted by the EBU. This includes both the structure and content of the training programme which has been compiled using the accumulated experience of speciality representatives from all EU countries so that tried and tested features from training programmes from all over Europe are included.

Secondly, by applying for certification of your programme which means it will be evaluated against the common standard set for training programmes across Europe .

Finally, by encouraging trainees to monitor their progress through the training programme perhaps by using the EBU In-Service examination and to evaluate the programme within their own foundation of the European Society of Residents in Urology (ESRU).

How can the System be maintained?

At the outset the EBU was supported by national urological organizations and from the pharmaceutical industry who recognised the benefits and concepts which they promoted enthusiastically. The advantages of financial independence, however, are absolutely clear and so the aim is to make the UTPC self-sufficient by applying a modest registration fee which will support the central administration function and enable site visitation programmes to continue and expand as membership increases.

Advantages of EBU Certified Training Programme in Urology.

The most important reason for RTPU Certification is the confidence and knowledge that your own training programme matches the very highest standard throughout Europe and there may even be more palpable benefits than that, particularly in the medico-legal context, if it should be that the ability of your institution to train was ever questioned. Certified centres are part of a network of well established training centres in Europe.

Certified Training Hospitals in Europe

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Certification Process

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