Introduction to CME-Certification by the European Board of Surgeons

The Section of Surgery and the European Board of Surgery recognise the need to play a full role within the European accreditation council and CME policy as determined within the UEMS. There are opportunities however, to pilot some ideas and make 2 assumptions:

  • That CME points will in future be awarded after proof of learning not just as part of signing up to attend.
  • That CME points could in time be awarded from distance Internet learning.
If this is so, the Section of Surgery endorses pilot efforts to test the concept of establishing a "European School of Surgery" by Internet.


 The need for a European School of Surgery by Internet

Training standards in surgery across Europe vary enormously and so do standards of CCST between countries, yet within the EU each state must recognise the qualifications of each other.

CME points are awarded nationally but in many surgical specialties many top CME events are Pan-European, e.g. the best National European Society meetings. Costs to travel, reside and register are increasing. The resources of supporting company sponsorship are spread even thinner.

Some surgeons in training and surgeons from more remote parts of Europe cannot afford these annual CME events.

Europe wide CME-Programmes certified by the EBS

coming soon...