Privacy Policy

In the course of all EBSQ (European Board of Surgery Qualifications) processes, like application, assessment of Eligibility, examination, certification and appeal the EBS (European Board of Surgery) officials must collect and utilize personal and professional information pertaining to its applicants and candidates.

The EBS has issued the following Privacy Policy to govern EBS' collection, use, and disclosure of such information and its policies and practices regarding the privacy of information during the certification processes. The goal of establishing this privacy policy is to assure all persons disclosing information to EBS during the certification processes of the sensitivity and care utilized in protecting this information.

In order to determine the qualifications of applicants during the Eligibility process, EBS requires that applicants provide personal contact and identifying information, as well as personal, educational, and professional background information. This information is used by EBS solely to identify and determine an applicant's appropriate status with the EBS.

In connection with the registration and administration of its Examinations, EBS requires an applicant's personal information, including name, mailing address, and verified passport copy. EBS restricts access to such personal information to EBS employees and contractors who need this information to conduct the registration, administration, and scoring of examinations, and for the verification of certification by EBS executive.

EBS does not disclose any personal information regarding its applicants to non-EBS employees and contractors, except when required by law.

EBS does not share personal information about its applicants with companies or other third parties outside of EBS for marketing purposes.

EBS considers only the certification status of applicants to be public information and regards all other information about applicants as private and confidential.

Individual examination results are not provided to any other person or institution. EBS will use performance on examinations and other information for research purposes and may publish these studies. In these instances, however, EBS will not identify specific individuals, hospitals, or practice affiliations.

Wolfgang Feil
President of the European Board of Surgery
Honorary & Foundation President of the Division of General Surgery