The candidates have to prove their identity (valid passport) at the Board exam venue. Mobile telephones, computers, tablets and other communication aids as well as all types of cheating are strictly forbidden as well as any type of written and/or printed material throughout the Board Exam. Cheating is subject to subsequent termination of the exam.

Prior to the exam the candidates are briefed and anonymized by the chairman or a representative of the executive. They draw numbers and receive stickers for the evaluation forms. The numbers reflect also the starting time for the OSCE circuit. A "Starting Grid" is provided locally.

The candidates stay anonymized during the whole examination process and also during evaluation. Personal data are synchronized after the evaluation process is concluded.

All documents for the exam are prepared and printed out previously. The evaluation forms with the candidates' stickers and the actual scoring are collected online after being signed by the 2 examiners from each station. The scoring is entered online by the chairman and the result calculated.

The result of the Board Exam is announced within 1 hour after the end of the last circuit.

Wolfgang Feil
President of the European Board of Surgery
Honorary & Foundation President of the Division of General Surgery