Evaluation & Threshold

The EBS' decision regarding certification is not based upon any pre-set pass/fail rate, but solely upon the aggregate evaluation of the examiners.

A total of 600 points can be achieved in the Board Exam, 300 points in the MC test (2 or 1 points per question) and 300 points in the OSCE circuit (50 points per station).

When the MCQ test includes less than 150 questions or when questions may be excluded at the discretion of the Executive during the evaluation process for certain reasons, the number of individually achieved points is calculated to 300 points equal 100%, by that ensuring, that the MCQ test and the OSCE circuit are weighted equally.

The threshold for passing the exam is 75%, which means at least a total of 450 points.

After the examination the candidates are asked to fill out a feedback form. The evaluation of the feedback questionnaires will be published.

Appeals against the decision of the Board of Examiners are possible.

An unsuccessful candidate is entitled to another chance to take the exam that he/she failed.

The successful candidates (successful Eligibility and Examination) are awarded the title "Fellow of the European Board of Surgery" or "F.E.B.S." and are provided with the relevant Diploma normally the same day in a formal celebration.

The title F.E.B.S.determines, that the person successfully proved to have validated knowledge and skills, that in most cases exceed the requirements for the national CCSTs and allow him/her to successfully cover the broad field of GenSurg in respective to the actual demand according to the judging of the commission.

In the moment the qualification F.E.B.S.has no automatic legal recognition in the E.U. or in any other country. Individual recognition of qualifications by the national authorities is supported by the EBSQ committee.

Individual recognition of qualifications by the national authorities is supported by the EBSQ committee and the number of countries officially adopting the Board exam is continuously rising.

The acceptance status of a Board Exam is published on the website www.uemssurg.org.

Wolfgang Feil
President of the European Board of Surgery
Honorary & Foundation President of the Division of General Surgery