Board Examination

Examination Structure

The EBSQ Examination (Board Exam) is subject of comprehensive revision and continuous development. The examination covers the whole field of a relevant "transferable competency" as defined in the relevant UEMS documents ( is conducted in cooperation with the relevant European authorities and fulfilling EU legislation and directives.

The evolving process of the Board Examinations is paralleled by the European ambition towards harmonisation and standardisation of medical education, specialist training and qualification.

Frequency of Board Examination, location and language are subject of continuous development. In any case of language diversification the EBS makes certain, that the content of all questions and items will be identical.

The structure of the Board Qualification is clearly defined and consists of a 2-stage process involving the Eligibility and the Examination, the Examination comprising a MCQ test with at least 100 items and an OSCE circuit with at least 6 stations.

Date, Location & Language

The Board Exam takes place at least annually mainly in cooperation with surgical meetings or in cooperation with another scientific meeting. Dates will be announced on the Board website

Date, location and languages(s) of the Board Exam are to the discretion of the committee. This and further details about the next Board Exam(s) are published on the Board website.

The Board Exam is basically held in English. Upon special additional announcement the exam may also be offered in the national language of the country, where it is held. In that case, the content and the procedure of the Board Exam is identical in the provided languages.

In other cases the executive may offer the Board exam in English with interpretation support. Interpretation in the MCQ-test (see later) is on candidates' request and given to the whole audience to ensure equality.

Interpretation in the OSCE-circuit  is only to reduce and overcome specific language difficulties for the candidates.

Wolfgang Feil
President of the European Board of Surgery
Honorary & Foundation President of the Division of General Surgery