European Board Fellowship "General Surgery"

The European Board of Surgery of the UEMS ( conducts in cooperation with the Chinese College of Surgeons and the European Society of Surgery a

UEMS Board Examination in General Surgery

in Beijing, China (13th & 14th May 2015) prior to the the CCS & ESS Joint Meeting ( Candidates successfully passing the examination will be qualified as

"Fellow of the European Board of Surgery - F.E.B.S."

The Fellowship of the UEMS is a significant high-level indication of professional competence and excellence. It basically reflects the ongoing important European standardization, harmonization and quality assurance process in medicine. The qualification found extensive appreciation outside the E.U. and the 2015 CSS & ESS Joint Meeting in Beijing is an excellent occasion to offer the application for the UEMS Fellowship for non-E.U. citizens, especially for colleagues from China.

The qualification process for the Fellowship consists in a 2-step process: Eligibility and Examination.

All details about the Eligibility process, application forms and precise information about the Examination are published on the homepage of the Section of Surgery of the UEMS:

In addition Honorary Fellowship Diploma may be awarded to academic and/or senior surgeons in advanced position on invitation, on personal recommendation and on request at the discretion of the Board.

The EBSQ General Surgery Examination in Beijing will be conducted in English. It consists of a MCQ (multiple choice question) test with 150 items (afternoon first day) and an OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) circuit with 6 stations, each 10 minutes (morning second day). The thematical weighting of the MCQ questions is according to the "Blueprint General Surgery".
The OSCE circuit consists in clinical pathways and typical cases that may include photographs and radiologic pictures. The focus is on structured short questions and answers on diagnosis, treatment and decision paths following everday clinical surgical practice.
MCQ and OSCE are weighted 50% each for the overall result, passing threshold is 75% from total.

The European Fellowship does not implicate automatic allowance to work at own responsibility and does not automatically enhance participation in national social security systems of the E.U. Recognition of Fellowship by the national authorities is encouraged by the UEMS.

Individual recognition of Fellowship as equivalent to national diploma is supported by the EBSQ committee and the number of countries officially adopting the Board qualification with subsequent legal validation and automatic mutual recognition in the EU is continuously rising.

Take the opportunity to achieve a high-level European qualification!

Looking forward to seeing you in Beijing,

Wolfgang Feil, MD, MAS, FACS, FEBS
Professor of Surgery
President of the European Board of Surger
Hon. President of the UEMS Division of General Surgery
Chairman of the Examination Committee GenSurg

Download invitation for Beijing 2015 Board Examination GenSurg as PDF:

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