Fit for Europe

Training day at ECTES for candidates of EBSQTrauma

Eight lectures of 45 minutes each, given by ESTES members and followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers

Sunday April 24th 2015 at ECTES in Vienna

Time                                    Subject                                              Speaker

08.00                                 Introduction                                  Rommens, ESTES

09.10                         The polytrauma patient                      Wanner, Zürich, CH

09.10                          Craniocerebral trauma                             NN, Wien, A

09.40                            Thoracic trauma                               Leenen, Utecht, NL

10.15                              Coffee break

10.45                           Abdominal trauma                               Nijs, Leuven, B

11.45                                   Spine                                          Josten, Leipzig, D

12.45                                  Lunch

13.45                           Pelvis- Acetabulum                           Hessmann, Fulda,D

14.45                           Upper extremity                                 Plecko, Graz, A

15.45                              Coffee break

16.15                           Lower extremity                             Wendt, Groningen, NL

17.15                                Children                                          Marzi, Frankfurt, D