Board of Transplant Immunology

European Board of Transplant Immunology (EBTI)

A European Board of Transplant Immunology (EBTI) is now part of the UEMS structure. This body works closely with EFI to oversee the training and examination process for the ESHI Diploma. The EBTI has members from each European Country (that has EFI members), and is located within the Division of Transplantation of the Section of Surgery of the UEMS. The EBTI and EFI have full control of the content of the Training Syllabus and the Examination and all areas of H&I are covered (solid organ, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT), transfusion, disease association etc) and not just those that pertain to solid organ transplantation.
The EBTI meets annually at the EFI meeting. Representatives from 20 different European countries attend meetings and discuss the training syllabus and examination. The Executive of the group is made up of a Chair, Deputy Chair, Senior Secretary, Junior Secretary and Treasurer. There is also a representative of the EFI Board on the EBTI Executive Board.