EBSQ Examination

2018 EBSQ Examinations in Surgical Oncology

The 2018 Surgical Oncology oral exam will take place in autumn 2018; however, the written part of the exam will take place on different location(s) several months before the oral part of the exam. More information to come. Please, visit our webpage again. Application process will be open soon.

EBSQ Application

EBSQ Examinations in Surgical Oncology

Please submit your application via this E-Portfolio only (use "apply" button). Hard copy (paper) applications sent by email or regular mail are no more supported.

Application Form, Logbook and Instructions how to apply for EBSQ Surgical Oncology
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Please submit your application via this E-Portfolio only. Hard copy (paper) applications sent by email or regular mail are no more supported. 

Eligibility Criteria for EBSQ Surgical Oncology Examination (May 18th, 2015)

  1. Each candidate must hold a current licence to practise as a general surgeon at the time of the examination.  
  2. Each candidate must have received certificate of specialist training from a European Union or associated country. Since 2010, candidates trained outside Europe are entitled to apply for the examination. A COPY OF THE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION OF TRAINING MUST BE ENCLOSED WITH THE APPLICATION  
  3. Each candidate must be able to demonstrate that he/she had worked for a minimum of two years in a designated oncology centre specialising in surgical oncology*

    (*or a minimum of three years if this experience was not in a designated oncology centre or had followed a surgical oncology clinical fellowship of one year’
    or a specialist training of one year working as a surgeon in a recognised oncology related field
    or a surgical oncology research fellowship plus two years in a clinical surgical oncology setting)
    In addition to a completed application form and a curriculum vitae candidates will be required to submit a letter from their Head of Department supporting the application.  
  4. A log book of operative procedures in surgical oncology, covering a period of at least three years, including information on whether the candidate was first assistant (A), principal surgeon assisted by Trainer (B) or principal surgeon not assisted by trainer (C) must be included with this application. Please note that at the beginning of the logbook, all operations must be grouped, sorted and counted by the type of operation and position of the candidate (e.g.: modified radical mastectomy – first assistant – 4 operations, low anterior resection – principal surgeon – 3 operations and so on). Without this, log book will not be accepted. The list of operative procedures must be signed and stamped by the appropriate trainer.

Examination fee and payment details

The cost of applying for the EBSQ in Surgical Oncology is €500:

  1. €250 for the Eligibility Assessment which must be paid at the time of application and which is non refundable in case of non-selection or withdrawal.
  2. €250 for the Examination which must be paid within two weeks following confirmation of selection. Candidates will be informed about the exact deadline for this in the near future.

Cancelation and refund policy: refund of the examination fee (€250) is only permitted if the UEMS is notified of cancellation at least 6 weeks in advance of the date of the exam. Candidates who cancel after this period will not be eligible for a refund as the UEMS will have incurred non refundable costs in arranging examiners at this point.   Candidates requiring a visa should bear this in mind and apply for their visa in good time.  

Candidates who cancel having passed the eligibility assessment will be able to apply for the exam within the  following 2 years without paying the eligibility assessment fee again.  Candidates who fail the exam may resit within 2 years without undergoing a further eligibility assessment/eligibility fee but will have to pay the examination fee (€250) each time they resit.

Further details can be found in the Instructions on how to apply, which can be downloaded from the above link. Payments must be made via Paypal