Honorary Diploma

The HONORARY DIPLOMA Division of HPB Surgery

From now on, for a limited period of 5 years, it is possible to obtain an HONORARY DIPLOMA of HPB Surgery. With this diploma the Division of HPB Surgery within the UEMS Section of Surgery recognises established HPB Surgeons who actively contribute to the development of the field of HPB surgery.

The conditions for application are:

  • 10 years experience at the level of Consultant/Attending Surgeon
  • At least 5 pubmed listed publications in HPB Surgery of which at least 3 in the last 5 years (as an author or coauthor)
  • University based work in a leading position (confirmed by the dean or by the hospital director) OR non-university based leading position with practice specialised in HPB surgery confirmed by a national representative of the board of HPB surgery
  • 2 letters of support (one by a national and one by an international colleague)
  • Payment of 200 Euro

A complete application should include (all the documents in English):

  1. A letter from the applicant highlighting the reasons he considers himself worthy of an Honorary Diploma
  2. Two letters from peers (one national and one from another country) supporting the application and highlighting the reasons why the candidate is worthy of an Honorary Diploma
  3. If university based confirmation by dean or hospital director of the university based leading position
  4. If not university based confirmation by the national representative in the UEMS Section of Surgery/Division of HPB Surgery that the candidate has a leading position with practice in HPB Surgery
  5. A copy of the applicant's complete CV
  6. A passport size photo

The applications are evaluated by an evaluation committee of 2 members of the board of the Division of HPB Surgery within the UEMS Section of Surgery and 1 member of EAHPBA who will propose successfull candidates to the examination board of the Division of HPB Surgery for approval.