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EBSQ Examinations in HPB Surgery

Application Form and Logbook for EBSQ HPB Surgery
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The diploma of the European Board of Surgery Qualification (HPB Surgery) is obtained on passing Part I (Eligibility) and Part II (Examination).

Changes to the procedures for eligibility and examination can be made following the approval of two thirds of the participants of the Division conference.


To apply for certification, a candidate must fulfill the following requirements for eligibility:


  1. The candidate can apply for accreditation when he meets one of the following criteria:
    1. Has completed surgical training and is a board certified surgeon in a country which is a member or associate member of UEMS and has accomplished the HPB surgical training in UEMS member countries.
    2. Has completed surgical training and is a board certified surgeon in a country which is not a member of UEMS but has obtained a temporary license in a UEMS country or a assiociate UEMS member country and has accomplished the HPB surgical training in UEMS member or associate member countries.
  2. The candidate must be able to take the exam in the English language.
  3. The candidate must have a minimum of 2 years of training in HPB Surgery after board certification. The training can be obtained in seperate parts as long as these are contained within a 4 year period.
  4. The candidate must provide a Logbook, countersigned by the trainer(s) containing information about the index procedures assisted and performed. (see Logbook EBSQ HBP ADDENDUM 1).
  5. The minimum number of procedures that the candidate must have recorded in the Logbook to be eligible for accreditation for each individual module are as follows: see Logbook EBSQ HBP ADDENDUM 2.
  6. The candidate must have producedat least one peer reviewed paper as a first or second or senior author in the field of HPB Surgery.
  7. The candidate must have a total of 20 credit points (CPs) (see Logbook EBSQ HBP ADDENDUM 3).
  8. The applicant must have paid the eligibility fee of 250 Euros (first rate).
  9. The applicant must complete and sign the application form (see Application EBSQ HBP).
  10. The application will be considered by a sub-committee of the Division. The sub-committee has three members. One of them is the Divisions secretary. The other two ar named by the the Division. The applicant will be informed of the acceptance or rejection of his/her application no later than one month from the date the application was received by the secretary of the Division. An appeal of the decision is possible and will result in reevaluation of the eligibility application by the divisions plenary conference.
  11. If the applicant is successfull:
    1. He/she will be informed about the date, time and venue of the next exam.
    2. He/she will be invited to pay the fee for the exam, a further 600 Euros (second rate).
    3. He/she will be provided with the Syllabus of the examination and with a list of suggested reading: A companion to specialist surgical Practice. Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery-Sixth edition. Edited by: Rowan W. Parks.


  1. The examination takes place once a year.
  2. Each candidate is examined individually.
  3. The examination board counts 8 members: 7 members appointed by the Division, of which one appointed as chairman and one as secretary, and one appointed by the Board of EHPBA.
  4. They will act as four 2-person examination teams (1. General anatomy, physiology, medical aspects 2. Liver 3. Pancreas 4.Topic presentation).
  5. Examination format: The exam is performed according to standards of section of surgery
    Successfull candidates are awarded the EBSQ in HPB surgery and are provided with the relevant Diploma.
  6. The examination can be repeated up to 2 times in case of failure.

Examination fee 

The fees of 850 Euros are for application for Eligibility (250 Euros, non refundable) and Examination (600 Euros) for the European Diploma in HPB Surgery. The second part of the payment (600 Euros) is to be paid two months prior to the examination with 50% refundable if cancelled up one month before the examination.  If cancelled less than one month prior to the examination all the fee should be forfeited.