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Application for Board Fellowship 

To apply for certification as Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (F.E.B.S.) in the "transferable competency" General Surgery offered by the "European Board of Surgery" and the "Division of General Surgery" a candidate has to undergo a two-step quality validation process: Eligibility and Examination.

A candidate successfully passing the examination will be qualified as

"Fellow of the European Board of Surgery - F.E.B.S." General Surgery

The Fellowship of the UEMS is a significant high-level indication of professional competence and excellence. It basically reflects the ongoing important European standardisation, harmonisation and quality assurance process in medicine.

All details about the Eligibility process, application forms and precise information about the Examination are published on the homepage of the Section of Surgery of the UEMS.

Eligibility is a prerequisite for the Examination.

In addition Honorary Fellowship Diploma may be awarded to academic and/or senior surgeons in advanced position on invitation, on personal recommendation and on request at the discretion of the Division and Board.

Venue of the 2017 EBSQ General Surgery Examination

Part 1 of the EBSQ General Surgery exam (i.e. the MCQ) will be held on 26th September 2017 at the Conference Centre Faculty of Medicine JUMS. Address: 16 Sw. Lazarza Str., PL 31-530 Krakow, Poland.

Part 2 (i.e. the oral exam or OSCE Circuit) will be held on 27th September 2017 at the 1st Department of General Oncological and GI Surgery, 40 Kopernika Str., 31-501 Krakow, Poland.


The Examination Committee reserves the right to cancel a certain Examination for any valid reason which could include an insufficient number of applicants at the time of the application deadline. Candidates are therefore advised not to book their travel arrangements before the closing date for applications.

Application Documents, Forms and Logbook for EBSQ General Surgery
General Surgery Application Form
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Eligibility Criteria for General Surgery Board Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship General Surgery Eligibility Criteria

General Surgery Blueprint

General Surgery Logbook
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General Surgery Examination

General Surgery Rationale

General Surgery Syllabus

General Surgery Knowledges and Skills

MCQ Board Examination sample questions

General Surgery Information EBS


Please submit your application via E-Portfolio only (use "apply" button).
Paper application is no more supported. 

Address of the EBSQ office:
European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ)
EBSQ General Surgery
Rue de l'Industrie, 24 
1040 Brussels 
BELGIUM Tel: +32 (0)2 649 51 64 | Fax: +32 (0)2 640 37 30

Examination fee and payment details

The fees of 800 Euros are for application for Eligibility (350 Euros) and Examination (450 Euros) for the European Diploma in General Surgery.

Please pay by PayPal 350 € as eligibility fee first and a further 450 € after approval for the examination

President of the European Board of Surgery