The Division of Endocrine Surgery


Within the EU, UEMS is organized to handle and harmonize specialization. UEMS consists of a number of Sections for all specialities. One of these is the Section of Surgery which has a number of Divisions for various parts of general surgery. The Division of Endocrine surgery (DES) was formed in 1999 and now handles the definition of endocrine surgery and accreditation in Endocrine Surgery. The DES is run by an executive and national representatives from all European countries.

EBSQ (European Board of Surgery Qualification)

The Division of Endocrine Surgery has determined curriculum for endocrine surgery and recently also for neck endocrine surgery. DES has arranged certification examinations since 2003 and a list of successful candidates can be found under "Fellows". Information on the procedure and the application form can be found here. The next certification will take place in conjunction with the next ESES conference in Granada, Spain, on May 16, 2019.

Format of examination The examination will be conducted in English and consists of two 50-60 min "viva voce sessions", each session to be adjudicated by two examiners and consisting of two parts:

I. Clinical management problems (presented as cases) covered in the curriculum.

- Examination in Neck Endocrine Surgery: benign and malignant thyroid disease, primary, secondary and tertiary HPT

- Examination in Endocrine Surgery: thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, endocrine abdominal

In addition, basic science will be discussed in the context of the clinical problems presented

II. Discussion of two scientific papers sent to the candidates about two weeks before the exam

DES - Successful candidates since 2003

Curriculum Endocrine Surgery
Curriculum Neck Endocrine Surgery
Instructions for application for EBSQ endocrine surgery certificate
Instructions for application for EBSQ neck endocrine surgery certificate
Application form
Successful Candidates

For information contact

Prof. Oliver Gimm
Chairman of the Division Endocrine Surgery (DES)
Prof. Marco Raffaelli
Chairman of the Board
Prof. Marcin Barczyński