EBSQ Examination

Schedule and Application

EBSQ Examinations in Trauma Surgery

Date Place Application deadline
25 April 2016Vienna/Austria4 April 2016
28 October 2016Berlin/Germany10 Oktober 2016
Application Form and Logbook for EBSQ Trauma Surgery
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Eligibility Criteria for EBSQ Examination (July 2001)

  1. It is no longer required to see proof of citizenship but the training in Surgery must have taken place in one of the 15 European Union countries, a UEMS country (i.e. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) or an associated UEMS country (i.e. Croatia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey).
  2. Written proof of National qualification must be available before candidates are eligible to take and EBSQ Part II. The standard of training and certification varies enormously across the UEMS countries. The variation is in terms of standard of training, length of training, and degree of specialization. It is not intended that the EBSQ can be taken before the national training programme is successfully completed, and this rule will be applied for all EBSQ Part II examinations.
  3. The number of years after CCST is no longer prescribed. The previous 5- year rule is to be abandoned. The reason is because specialist examinations are becoming available and some senior surgeons also wish to have these qualifications.
  4. If visiting trainees have had a similar training to those who can subsequently take CCST, even though such candidates may not be allowed to take the CCST for reasons of refusal of permanent residence, they are acceptable as candidates for the EBSQ.